Santa Calls

Experience Belief  

With Santa Calls

Application Available Now on Apple and Android Devices!

Christmas is Calling, Will You Answer?

The Santa Calls App

The Santa Calls app takes the intangibility of belief and makes it tangible. Our goal is to give every child the opportunity to believe, and we do that by making Santa Claus accessible at the click of a button. Let Santa Clause into your home this year with the Santa Calls App!


Download Application

Available NOW on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!



Choose Package

Choose a custom video message, a live call, or both from Santa!


Schedule Call

Choose the date and time for the call on FaceTime, Duo, or Skype!


Answer the Phone!

Experience the magic when Santa Calls live from the North Pole!


My son loved that Santa called, knew his name, and what he wanted for Christmas! No more malls for us!

Thanks Santa Calls!

MICHAEL ROBERTSON - Father and beta tester

No More Searching 

Santa is on the Phone

No more looking for which mall Santa is at, driving around all day, fighting the holiday traffic, or standing in line!

Multiple Platforms Supported

Choose when and where He calls

Using Santa Calls Mobile or Desktop application allows you to chose FaceTime, Duo or Skype!

Spread The Cheer

Donate a Call

Help an underprivileged youth Experience Belief and donate a call with Santa Calls (Coming Soon)!

What is Santa Calls?

A magical app that instantly connects you directly to Santa Claus!

Countdown to Christmas








Experience the Magic  Your Way

Our Packages & Pricings

Personal Video

From Santa Claus


Receive a personalized video

message from Santa Claus

himself at his workshop

in the North Pole!

Live Video Chat

With Santa Claus


Bring the magic home with

a FaceTime, Google Duo,

or Skype video chat

to your phone or comupter!

Magic Bundle

Video AND Chat!


Receive a video call

and a personalized follow up

video from Santa directly to

your child!

The magic is in the bag

Check out what our users say

after using the Santa Calls App last Christmas Season

“What an amazing and magical experience! My kids were all on their best behavor after Santa called, knew them by name, and let them know that he is always watching! Santa Calls sure did spread a lot of holiday cheer in our house!”

Rebecca George

“So cool! Santa was funny and jolly and had my 6 year old in stitches the whole video chat! And while every little girl wants a pony (mine included), Santa helped her realize he couldn’t fit a pony in his bag lol! Can’t wait to see what she remembers on next years call!”

Michael Smiler

“There is nothing in the world better than seeing the magic in the kids eyes when they say that Santa was on FaceTime and wanted to talk to them! He even asked how his Elf on the Shelf was behaving this year! The kiddos loved it! Awesome job!”

Bill Kingdom

Christmas is Calling, Will You Answer?

Experience Belief 

with the Santa Calls App!

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