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Christmas is calling! Will you answer?

Santa Calls is a developing mobile application with video call capability to allow children to speak directly with Santa Claus. The app will allow parents to schedule a call or request one as soon as possible and will then connect that call to Santa Claus. When Santa receives the request, he will ring your phone, and all you have to do is answer. The Santa Calls App will be available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Santa Claus Approaches

Several months ago, Santa Claus approached us because he wanted to modernize the way children interacted with him, taking note of technological trends occurring all around him. Santa Claus also worried that his holiday home, the mall, no longer had significance. He noticed less foot traffic and more malls closing. He recruited us to fix this, so we did: Santa Calls.

Not only did we solve the mall problem, but we made Santa Claus more accessible: available at the click of a button.

The app will be ready to launch this Christmas season, and Santa Claus loved the idea so much he decided to give you the opportunity to pre-order calls!

Admittedly, he needs the support to allow him to make individuals across the country aware of this change to his business model, and he can only do that through some upfront capital. With the support of all of you, Santa Calls Inc. will be able to properly market the app to the public, so that all children have an opportunity to believe. So, hop on board, celebrate belief with us, and pitch into the effort.

So Easy, 1800 Year Old Santa Could Do It

Santa Calls does not require a long wait in line, does not require a painful trip to the mall, and does not require an immense amount of money just for one picture of Santa Claus and a very brief interaction. Through modernizing the process, Santa Calls provides convenience to parents while giving their children more time to interact with Santa Claus; this benefits all parties involved. This year, you can just kick back and relax while Christmas calls you.  While Santa’s elves are hard at work developing the application, you can still schedule a call with the big man himself this year!

Christmas Is Calling, Will You Answer?

Meet Santa's Helpers

Eli Miller

Eli Miller

Head Elf

Greg Miller

Greg Miller

Operating Elf

Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson

Secretary Elf

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