Santa Calls Delivering the Ultimate Virtual Santa Experience

Santa Calls is here to fulfill every child’s dreams! Not many children miss out on an opportunity to meet Santa, so how about a virtual Santa experience? Santa Calls does exactly that and is giving children another reason to be well-behaved throughout the year. Santa Calls is an app that connects children to the North Pole to get on a video call with Santa. This is an important service to have this year, considering the situation of the world and the restrictions on physical interactions. Children getting gifts from Santa is one thing, but getting to talk to him is another. It could be the highlight of the year for all kids.

Beyond bringing some of the fantasies of children to life, Santa Calls is an initiative geared toward charity and humanitarian acts. Because Santa Calls is dedicated to supporting children, 10% the company’s revenue will be donated to the Boys & Girls Club. These donations are integral to food supply, provision of quality education, and support for families in less privileged communities.

Santa may not be visiting malls this December, but Santa Calls has a solution. Instead of waiting in line, children can have a personal 2-minute video call with a real Santa. They can talk about anything they want, making this Christmas season just a bit brighter and a lot more fun for the children. There are three packages that parents can choose from: a pre-recorded message before Christmas, a live video call, and the Magic Bundle, which entails a live call and a follow-up video after Christmas. Parents and large corporations looking to gift their customers with calls can download the app and put a smile on children’s faces.

Just like the perfect Christmas gift, the Santa Calls app is many things wrapped in one. It has made the Santa concept more accessible during these uncertain times, it has created an avenue to give back to communities, and it will also be saving families money as the app costs less than what a mall Santa visit would cost. Santa Calls also stands out by having a real Santa to take every call. This means that thousands of Santas are employed to make this dream happen.

A lot of families do not hold out much hopes for Christmas this year, especially underprivileged families who can barely make things happen with limited resources. Santa Calls will be renewing their hopes and showing those families that they can still create amazing memories and have fun this Christmas.

The company is owned by Eli Miller, whose lifelong dream is to give back to society. He can relate to not having much privileges as a child as he grew up in similar circumstances. Hence, he wants to do his part by helping other children going through the same things he experienced as a child.

Over the next few years, Santa Calls hopes to continue to run and provide this truly magical service to millions of children while providing employment to thousands of Santas.

Learn more about Santa Calls on its website.

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